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For example, parallelizing the Monte Carlo may be a large piece of a computation, but a global analysis of the statistics that have emerged may also be equally important.
The distinctive feature of this new technology is the ability of the automatic parallelizing compiler that utilizes profile information to aggressively exploit parallelization patterns, which are effective for accelerating the speed of application programs.
Sun Studio 12 includes auto parallelizing compilers and support for the OpenMP 2.
Pervasive's presentation, "Towards Integrating Pervasive DataRush and KNIME: Parallelizing Data Mining," will take place Wednesday, February 24 at 2:30 p.
Parallelizing compilers like those from The Portland Group are designed to efficiently make use of multiple cores, and together with the fully parallel-enabled PGI debugging and profiling tools simplify the task of porting, optimizing and deploying production applications for dual-core processors," said Douglas Miles, director, The Portland Group.
The Gemini simulation technology was holistically designed to leverage the advantages of multi-core platforms, specifically in its architecture and proprietary algorithms, and the comprehensive implementation of multi-threading model evaluation, matrix solving and the parallelizing of other computationally important components of the simulator.
The parallelizing compilers from The Portland Group enable automatic use of both cores in a dual-core processor without the need to rewrite application source code.
While Parallelizing code is very complex and tricky, debugging and tuning parallelized code can be even more challenging.
Compilers used for the SPECrate92 benchmarks were from Apogee Software with Kuck and Associates parallelizing pre-processor, Buchanan noted.
ACE's in-depth experience of developing parallelizing compilers for some very unique target architectures made them the perfect partner to work with on what is a completely new class of programmable semiconductor.
9 /PRNewswire/ -- SCIENTIFIC Computing Associates' (SCIENTIFIC) Linda software, a leading product for parallelizing and running applications on parallel computers, is now available for the CRAY T3D massively parallel processing (MPP) system from Cray Research, Inc.