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Holding Company

A corporation that limits its business to the ownership of stock in and the supervision of management of other corporations.

A holding company is organized specifically to hold the stock of other companies and ordinarily owns such a dominant interest in the other company or companies that it can dictate policy. Holding companies must comply with the federal antitrust laws that proscribe the secret and total acquisition of the stock of one corporation by another, since this would lessen competition and create a Monopoly.

holding company

n. a company, usually a corporation, which is created to own the stock of other corporations, thereby often controlling the management and policies of all of them.

holding company

a company that controls, usually through a majority shareholding, another company or companies.
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Generally, these rulings involved cases where the parent corporation did not formally distribute "all of the stock and securities in the controlled corporation.
The parent corporation hires a broker to import its product into Canada and the parent corporation's name is on the import documents.
In one case, the Kansas Court of Appeals determined that a bank subsidiary could not deduct interest paid by its parent on indebtedness incurred on the purchase of the bank subsidiary's stock because the parent corporation had been formed for the benefit of the family that owned all of its shares (the holding company was formed for and utilized in the family's attempt to obtain all of the bank's shares).
The parent corporation of the general partners of many of the real estate partnerships that are ANM's borrowers just recently assumed management of such partnerships, having acquired from Angeles those general partners together with the Angeles property management business and all of the ANM Class B shares (holding 1/3 of ANM's voting power) in late 1992.
The role of the Delaware corporation was to provide financing for various customer purchases in stores either owned by the parent corporation or by independently owned dealer stores; it owned no property other than cash and receivables, had no offices or employees in or out of Florida, and utilized the offices, property, and employees of the parent corporation in conducting its business.
subsidiaries wholly owned by two or more foreign corporations with a common parent corporation will also be considered members of an affiliated group and thus one taxpayer for purposes of the earnings stripping provisions.
84-152,(38) a Swiss parent corporation owned 100% of both a Netherlands Antilles(39) corporation and a domestic corporation.
is the parent corporation for Jefferson Federal Bank, which was established in 1963 and is headquartered in Morristown, Tennessee.
Therefore, the separate existence of the subsidiary was honored pursuant to Moline Properties(14) The ruling warned that "where the parent corporation so controls the affairs of the subsidiary that it is merely an instrumentality of the parent, the corporate entity of the subsidiary may be disregarded.
The five-year waiting period would generally apply in this situation (unless a waiver were granted) because X Corporation, which was a member of the A-X group (old group) before the merger, would become a member of the B-X group (new group) following the merger and the new group's parent corporation (B) is a successor to the old group's parent corporation (A).
is the parent corporation for Jefferson Federal Bank, which is headquartered in Morristown, Tennessee.
If the parent corporation is in a continuous AMT situation for the foreseeable future, deferring an FSC dividend defers AMT.

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