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PARK, Eng. law. An enclosed chase (q.v.) extending only over a man's own grounds. The term park signifies an enclosure. 2 Bl. Com. 38.

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With Owen Williams back on club duty with Gloucester and Jamie Roberts having headed back to Harlequins, Parkes has emerged as the favourite to start against the Boks in Wales' autumn finale.
Parkes, who is believed to have taught at Inveralmond Community High in Livingston, claimed she was not aware of SQA guidance on quality assurance although she had been a marker for four years.
The conclusion of the hearing at Bradford Coroner's Court heard how Mrs Parkes had been at Calderdale for the previous two days where she underwent an endoscopy.
Parkes asks not what literary impressionism was, but what it did, in culture and history as well as aesthetics.
It has been reported that days before his death Mr Parkes, from Daventry, was arrested by police for attempting to groom a young girl - who turned out to be Hunter.
In fact, a lot of people trooped to Parkes Central Station in Australia's NSW just to see the arrival of the Elvis Express.
A court heard how Parkes and an accomplice went to the mosque early on November 13, 2010.
Simon Parkes, 45, served in Northern Ireland and the Falklands during the late 1980s and early 1990s before leaving the army to care for his sick mother.
For Margot Parkes at the University of Northern British Columbia, watersheds are living systems that are essential for healthy communities.
The 16-year-old victim felt sickened and harassed by the stream of emails sent by Neil Parkes earlier this summer, a court heard Parkes, aged 31, of Firthpark Crescent, Halesowen, who had previously admitted a charge of harassment, was made subject of a three-year restraining order.
Parkes, 82, of Clinton, formerly of Boxboro, died Friday, Jan.
Edwin Parkes was last seen leaving his home in St Helens for a routine hospital appointment on January 9,1991.