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Salah Gebran, who is running for the parliamentary seat in Jezzine, asked motorists to vote for Gebran.
Reformist-backed candidates in Iran's elections are on course to win all 30 parliamentary seats in the capital Tehran, according to initial results released by the interior ministry on Sunday.
THE BJP is yet to announce the list of its Lok Sabha candidates for the five parliamentary seats from Uttarakhand.
Suu and the NLD won all but one of the 44 parliamentary seats they contested in the by-elections, held to fill parliamentary seats left vacant by lawmakers who took up ministerial jobs.
VMRO-DPMNE and BDI are going to win fewer parliamentary seats in the coming early elections from the previous poll yet their win will be convincing and they will be able to form a majority government without the participation of other smaller parties.
The Tory-led government are pushing through boundary changes that would merge the parliamentary seat of Ynys Mon with part of Arfon.
The veteran politician who sounded unhappy during an interview was contesting parliamentary seat for Juba based parliament in constituency number 07 with an SPLM official candidate in the name Simon Deng Duang.
Up for grabs are one national parliamentary seat and two local parliamentary seats.
Also the Tories in the borough are still reeling from the 2005 General Election when they lost the parliamentary seat to the Liberal Democrats for the first time since it was created in 1945.
THE Tories are working hard to hold on to Rugby Borough Council in preparation for a battle royal over the new Rugby parliamentary seat.
It is time for him to go as clearly he is more concerned with retaining his parliamentary seat than he is with democracy.
Cardiff North AM Jonathan Morgan is to lead Jonathan Evans MEP's campaign to win the parliamentary seat in his constituency.

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