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Media reports emerged Thursday that the PSP leader would resign from his parliamentary seat Jan.
Japanese education minister Makiko Tanaka, one of eight members of Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda's Cabinet who lost their parliamentary seats in Sunday's general election, expressed her resentment of the premier on Tuesday, saying he was "self-centered.
Trierweiler is reportedly extremely jealous of Royal and was particularly incensed by Hollande's promise to give his ex-lover the prestigious job of president of the National Assembly in the event she wins the parliamentary seat.
Leader Yiannakis Omirou has a headache over the competition for the party's parliamentary seat in Limassol.
In the Central governorate Fawzia Zainal proclaimed she will contest for a parliamentary seat in the eighth constituency and Latifa Bu Noata declared her intention to run against parliament chairman Khalifa Al Dhahrani.
THE BJP is yet to announce the list of its Lok Sabha candidates for the five parliamentary seats from Uttarakhand.
Summary: The patriarch of the Syriac Catholic Church demanded Sunday the creation of a parliamentary seat for the sect in Ashrafieh, as politicians struggle to agree on new elections legislation for this year's polls.
At the latest parliamentary elections in 2011, PPD did not win a single parliamentary seat and Haruni was declared as cooperator of the secret services by the Lustration Commission.
Myanmar's pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi will be taking up the parliamentary seat she won in April 1 by-elections on April 23, a spokesman for her party said Monday.
David Mowat, who represents the town's south constituency, rejected proposals to create at least an extra Parliamentary seat.
Rating's analysts say that the number of seats that the smaller political parties are expected to win should be taken with reserve and cannot be determined with great precision considering that the percentage of citizens supporting them is within the confines of the statistical error and most of them are likely to win only one parliamentary seat.
The Tory-led government are pushing through boundary changes that would merge the parliamentary seat of Ynys Mon with part of Arfon.

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