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RECTORY, Eng. law. Corporeal real property, consisting of a church, glebe lands and tithes. 1 Chit. Pr. 163.

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How people can attack the parochial house and target such a kind man like Fr.
And his new record bosses have ensured he will never be too far from his parishioners when cutting new tracks - they've built him a recording studio at his parochial house in Oldcastle.
The Galway diocese renovated the old Shanaglish parochial house for Dr Casey for him to live out his retirement.
Laois & (d) Al- Hamd Consulting Ltd having its registered office & principal place of business at 52 Clarkes Wood, Mount Oval, Rochestown, Cork (e) Moylough Resource Enterprise Ltd having its registered office & principal place of business at The Parochial House, Moylough, Ballinasloe, Co.
Mrs Doyle, housekeeper for Fr Ted Crilly at Craggy Island's parochial house, said she was deeply saddened that her country men and women were turning their noses up at a cuppa in favour of that "American muck".
On Thursday night, a gang arrived at the laneway - which runs adjacent to the church and parochial house at about 11pm.
McGrath, who gave his address as the Parochial House, Rosslea, Co Fermanagh, is accused of indecently assaulting the girl and facilitating another person to rape her, between May and November of this year in England.
Peter Donnelly, 71, is accused of attacking the girl in the parochial house at St Matthew's Church in the Short Strand area of East Belfast from 1982 to 1987.
Gardai in Cork believe he slipped into the parochial house between 3 and 4pm.
10pm when two men approached me and forcibly brought me into the sacristy and then over to the office and parochial house.
Grennan stayed in the parish and died in his parochial house in 1994.
POLICE from both sides of the border are hunting a gang they believe were involved in an armed robbery in a parish hall and a theft at a parochial house.