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Mr Parsa told BBC Radio 4's Today programme: "We believe our partners - doctors, nurses, healthcare professionals - should run their own hospitals.
PARSA CF's Norooz grantees include: Roshan Cultural Heritage Institute at University of Maryland, Link Media Inc.
The vaccine has proven to be "incredibly safe" with no significant side effects, Parsa said.
The opportunities arose, but no lucky break was bound to go the Patriots' way, not with the way the Conquistadores' goalkeeper, Keon Parsa, was playing.
It was like if you bought a house and you let some guy live in it for a while and he wouldn't leave," Azteca executive Tim Parsa told BUSINESS MEXICO.
More information about this project is available at the PARSA website, www.
As the foreclosure crisis reaches epic proportions, the nation's leading provider of legal loan modifications and loan workout services, the Parsa Law Group and its marketing arm, the National Loan Modification Center, have tripled the size of their operation in the month of January with an additional 4 attorneys, 40 support staff and over 10,000 square feet of office space.
Earlier in the evening, it was the turn of the junior boys to impress one and all when talented Ayveret Van Waveren and Parsa Sanei lifted the boys under-12 and under-14 titles respectively.
It added PARSA invited all those interested in youth leadership in Afghanistan and particularly the Afghan Scouts to attend the opening ceremonies for the event.
But neither Colonel Parsa nor any other officials from the Iranian Police offered any explanation as to why landmines were installed in the middle of the country.
She has helped put an end to the Parsa threat, and was officially welcomed into the fold by Gibbs, DiNozzo, and McGee.
When it comes to brain tumor research, I picture our Northwestern Medicine team climbing a mountain and with every new discovery that shows the potential to prolong survival, we are establishing a new base camp," said Andrew Parsa, MD, PhD, corresponding author of the study and chair of neurological surgery at Northwestern Memorial and the Michael J.