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noun accordance, acquiescence, allowance, approval, benevolence, benignitas, clearance, clemency, compassion, favor, forgiveness, generosity, grant, gratification, gratification of desire, inabstinence, indulgentia, leave, lenience, leniency, lenity, license, magnanimity, obligingness, pampering, patience, permission, quarter, sanction, sufferance, toleration, venia, vouchsafement
See also: benevolence, clemency, condonation, consent, dispensation, exception, favor, franchise, grace, grant, greed, largess, leave, lenience, license, longanimity, permission, philanthropy, privilege, remission, sanction, sufferance, temperance, tolerance, understanding, vice

INDULGENCE. A favor granted.
     2. It is a general rule that where a creditor gives indulgence, by entering into a binding contract with a principal debtor, by which the surety is or may be damnified, such surety is discharged, because the creditor has put it out of his power to enforce immediate payment; when the surety would have a right to require him to do so. 6 Dow, P. C. 238; 3 Mer. R. 272; Bac. Ab. Oblig. D; and see Giving Time.
     3. But mere inaction by the creditor, if he do not deprive himself of the right to sue the principal, does not in general discharge the surety. See Forbearance.

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Partial Indulgences, given for any of a number of things, including any act of charity or any act of penance, remit part of the punishment; there are no other conditions.

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