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be a partially ordered set and suppose that (M,D) is a complete dualistic partial metric space; a mapping T : M [right arrow] M is called dualistic Geraghty's type contraction provided there exists [beta] [member of] S such that
Keywords: Coupled fixed point, mixed monotone property, well-ordered, partially ordered set.
To make it partially ordered, by considering PARTIALLY ORDERED SET and LATTICE structure of Hasse diagram to arrange the key according to the number of hits as shown in the fig 3.
16] Let (X, [less than or equal to]) be a partially ordered set and T : X [right arrow] X be a given mapping.
A well-founded tree is a non-empty partially ordered set T = (V S) such that for every two elements t1 t2 their infimum exists and the set {t ' cV : t ' less than t} is a well- ordered chain for every t cV .
Further by this N(P) becomes a partially ordered set.
Let P = (X, <) be a partially ordered set, and let J(P) be the set of order ideals of P, partially ordered by inclusion.
3] A L-fuzzy set A in a partially ordered set X is called
While the idea of representing a plan as a partially specified and partially ordered set of actions embodied the popular ideas of least commitment and constraint posting, it had become apparent that the representation harbored an inherent weakness--there was no fast and easy way to compute the world state at a "point" in the plan.
Based on the partial-edge order, we can construct a Hasse diagram, which is a directed graph that represents a partially ordered set (poset).
all optimal or non-dominated objects in terms of a multicriteria function, which induces a partially ordered set or strata.
Recall that a partially ordered set (M, [less than or equal to]) is well-ordered if for each nonempty set b C M there is a smallest element [b.

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