Particular average

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PARTICULAR AVERAGE. This term, particular average, has been condemned as not being exact. See Average. It denotes, in general, every kind of expense or damage, short of total loss which regards a particular concern, and which is to be borne by the proprietor of that concern alone. Between the insurer and insured, the term includes losses of this description, as far as the underwriter is liable. Particular average must not be understood as a total loss of a part; for these two kinds of losses are perfectly distinct from each other. A total loss of a part may be recovered, where a particular average would not be recoverable. See Stev. on Av. 77.

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The measure of indemnity for particular average to cargo varies according to whether it forms part of the cargo or of cargo arriving damaged at destination.
Averages have their limitations, and the variations in this particular average are enough to make one's head spin.
Understandably, terms like "Free of Particular Average," "Barratry" and "Assailing Thieves" can be intimidating for agents not familiar with the lingo.