Particular custom

PARTICULAR CUSTOM. A particular custom is one which only affects the inhabitants of some particular district. To be good, a particular custom must possess these requisites: 1. It must have been used so long that the memory of man runneth not to the contrary. 2. It must have been continued. 3. It must have been peaceable. 4. It must be reasonable. 5. It must be certain. 6. It must be consistent with itself. 7. lt must be consistent with other customs. 1 Bl. Com. 74, 79.

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They have a very particular custom, which obliges every man that hath a thousand cows to save every year one day's milk of all his herd, and make a bath with it for his relations, entertaining them afterwards with a splendid feast.
That only proves one thing," said D'Artagnan; "and that is, that you have your particular customs in finance, and M.
It's the 20th year of this particular custom, and more than 40 episodes will be shown, beginning early Wednesday with "The Old Man in the Cave,'' a classic post-apocalyptic tale, and ending New Year's morning.
The Foundation supports new gunsmithing (in particular custom gunmaking) talent, dissemination of educational information to the custom gunmaking community, and enrichment opportunities for current custom gunsmiths.
Benitez will no doubt hope George Gillett and Tom Hicks don't pay too close attention to that particular custom.
Richard began by defining reception as the process through which an ecclesial community incorporates into its own life a particular custom, decision, liturgical practice or teaching.
It is not the case that monitoring was not being carried out, but for whatever reason this particular custom or procedure was ignored.
By partnering with Skymicro, we were able to get the particular custom functionality we needed for our product.
This particular custom homeland security application was the first of its kind for B&B ARMR and it was very successful," stated Ted Wlazlowski, Chief Operating Officer of B&B ARMR.
We worked with Oracle to develop this particular custom factory integration service to help ease the installation of this business-critical software and enhance the overall customer experience," said Mike Lambert, senior vice president of Dell's Enterprise Systems Group.
Fabulous independent restaurants and hotels, many featured under the banner of Welsh Rarebits, have clocked on to the fact that it can be very valuable to acknowledge the particular customs and traditions of our own country.