Particular estate

PARTICULAR ESTATE. An estate which is carved out of a larger and which precedes a remainder; as, an estate for years to A, remainder to B for life; or, an estate, for life to A, remainder to' B in tail: this precedent estate is called the particular estate. 2 Bl. Com. 165; 4 Kent, Com. 226; 16 Vin. Abr. 216; 4 Com. Dig. 32; 5 Com. Dig. 346.

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I am currently working with the Chief Constable and exploring options to make savings - looking at the way we do business, the cost of running particular estate, joint buying with other forces and a raft of other options.
The portals, however only display a small amount of information on any particular estate agent, and with several thousand estate agents to choose from in the UK, it can be a laborious task to find one which suits your purpose.
When assessing wines from a particular estate I recommend trying to find wines that offer both value and growth potential through qualitative and quantitative analysis.
And as far as I can see, the police seem completely helpless to do anything about the situation on this particular estate.
This meant a particular estate that had an abundance of heather on the moors would have bespoke tweed made with purple flecks, in order to blend into the surroundings and identify the tweed with the estate.
We have our new project somewhere and we have houses of lower cost in that particular estate.
Judge Gareth Jones told him: "These people's livesonthis particular estate aredifficultenough as it is and you preyed on them.
Some will be independent, like ours, others may be tied to that particular estate agency, especially if it is a national chain.
Tired of receiving constant phone calls from London estate agents, hoping to sell his Islington home for a profit, he said: "I have been into one particular estate agent about four times.
Ask the vendor why they chose this particular estate agent to sell their home.
Sales pitches also are used by promoters of estate planning services, such as living trust seminars, or the ever-growing number of firms and advisers that are pitching a particular estate or other tax planning techniques, such as the private annuity trust, which is a hot trend.