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189698), Macalintal explained that elected officials by the nature of their office, engage in partisan political activities all year round, even outside the campaign period.
He added that the laws and regulations implementing such Constitutional ban which prohibit civil service officers and employees from engaging, directly or indirectly, in partisan political activities or any form of electioneering apply only to appointed officials and not to elected officials.
In among the gun-shy or trigger-happy greenhorns are hardy partisans like Avrom, described in Levi's Moments of Reprieve as "adept with pistol and machine gun, polyglot, and wily as a fox" Luzzatto introduces us as well to valiant soldiers such as Aldo Piacenza, who had seen action on the Eastern Front in 1941, and Emilio Bachi, who had experienced the fall of France under Hitler's blitzkrieg.
Salo prefect Cesare Augusto Carnazzi is a zealous anti-Semite who steadfastly adheres to the new German two-pronged agenda of an all-out war against partisans and a merciless manhunt in search of Jews.
The aggrieved LP partisans that are opposed to the endorsement of CDC say the planned endorsement wasn't sanctioned by the party's political leader Cllr.
Darius Dillon says the party has not reached a decision on endorsement and he and other aggrieved partisans are awaiting the arrival of Cllr.
406) Because ideological preferences filter down from politicians to voters, (407) the electorate has increasingly polarized into opposed camps of partisans as well.
410) In fact, most partisans prefer to reward their fellow party members over out-party candidates even when an out-party candidate has stronger objective credentials.
In this year's Supreme Court term, the justices have taken up the constitutionality of partisan gerrymandering in a case involving state legislative districts drawn by Republicans in Wisconsin.
We therefore recommend future studies to directly test how partisans respond when their personal interests diverge from their Party's issue stance.
Peoples social, physical, economic, and mental lives are shaped by their partisan identities and these social identities are widely and deeply held.
should be based on the general concept of partisan symmetry; (85) (2) it