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As far as I'm concerned, my interest in poetry is in representing my actual mind as distinct from the official party line of the media, which is to say, The New York Times, The Washington Post, even The Nation, and from the official party line of the White House and the Establishment.
WASHINGTON -- The American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ), specializing in constitutional law, said today that while it's pleased that Judge Alito has cleared a critical hurdle by gaining confirmation by a 10-8 vote in the Senate Judiciary Committee the ACLJ said it is unfortunate the vote broke along party lines.
By forcing a vote this week on the nuclear test ban treaty and then rejecting its ratification mostly along party lines, Republican senators have embarrassed the United States before the world, undermined its moral authority to call for an end to nuclear testing, improved the likelihood of a government shutdown this month if they fail to present a budget bill the president will sign and jeopardized the shaky majorities the party holds in both houses of Congress.
I worked with Steve for a year during the 9/11 crisis, and I have seen firsthand a person who not only performs calmly under crisis, but also works across party lines to get the job done.
GOP lawmakers, hoping to embarrass Democrats for supporting a measure opposed by Valley civic and business leaders, delayed Senate Bill 1101 in a game of chicken along party lines.
Support for fuel cell and hydrogen technologies crosses party lines, and this year's EXPO received bi-partisan sponsorship from Congressional leaders: Rep.
That means Democrats can cross party lines and vote for Republicans.
When Democrats were asked to respond to Bush ads and Republicans asked to respond to Kerry ads, the response fell along party lines.
Outside the Senate chamber, the day's solemn mood was somewhat tarnished by reports that Clinton planned an all-out drive to help Democrats win back the House in 2000, and topple the Republicans who had impeached him in December largely along party lines.
This finding was relatively consistent across party lines, with a clear majority of Democrats (57%), Republicans (68%) and Independents (59%) very or somewhat likely to do so.
Presently, it's an open primary in which voters can cross party lines - making it a violation of the parties' rules of having only their own voters select their nominees.
The success of California requires that an independent thinker transcend party lines and the barriers constructed by vested interest groups who place their own interests above those of California's citizens.