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PASS BOOK, com. law. A book used by merchants with their customers, in which an entry of goods sold and delivered to a customer is made.
     2. It is kept by the buyer, and sent to the merchant whenever he wishes to purchase any. article. It ought to be a counterpart of the merchant's books, as far as regards the customer's account.
     3. Among English bankers, the term pass book is given to a small book made up from time to time, from the banker's ledger, and forwarded to the customer; this is not considered as a statement of account between the parties, yet when the customer neglects for a long time to make any objection to the correctness of the entries he will be bound by them. 2 Atk. 252; 2 Deac. & Ch. 534; 2 M. & W. 2.

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Because of her behaviour she was sent a letter telling her she had been banned and that the only way she could communicate with the school was through the assistant head or in her son's pass book Miss Shipley said on January 22 the deputy head of the school saw comments made by Linton referring to the phone issue but also including the homophobic abuse.
My first bank deposit and pass book from | |June 1960
Prasad directed the contractor concerned to file an undertaking for the completion of the project by June, and added if not their bank pass book will be seized.
Other products lined up for the exhibition include the new all in one pass book printer PLQ22, in addition to the latest receipt and label printers TM-T88V, TM-C3400 and TM-S1000 as well as the Pro 4880, PRO9700 Large Format Printers, the latest Disc producer PP100 and the new A3 photo printer R1900 featuring high quality photo lab print.
Other products lined up for the exhibition include the new all in one pass book printer, in addition to the latest receipt and label printers as well as large format printers, the new disc producer and the A3 photo printer featuring high quality photo lab print.
Everyone who worked in the check office, cash office and pass book office is welcome.
She added that, "at her suggestion", Stewart became an auditor for the church and began to look after its lodgements and manually filled in its pass book.
She said those who signed the cheques had to see the customer's pass book and identification.
I HAVE a few hundred pounds in an old Post Office savings account, but I have been told the pass book is no longer valid.
Remembering those dark days, Howroyd opened a desk drawer and pulled out a battered, brown pass book from Wilshire Federal Savings & Loan Association of Los Angeles that showed his funds dwindling to $5.
Loans are advanced against two sureties and the security of pass book which has simplified the documentation, requirements of the farmers and eased the procedure of getting loans in an appropriate time.
The paper gives a brief review of the Pass Book Scheme and the 1972 Bank Reforms.