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While password managers are a great way to ensure users have a unique login for each account, Google cautioned users that their passwords can be read in plain-text by anyone who has access to the file.
LastPass, a free password manager with some premium features, boasts at least seven million users.
Cyclonis Password Manager encrypts and stores your data by adding it to your personal vault, which is encrypted with AES-256, an encryption algorithm used by military, financial, and government institutions all over the world.
Unlike human beings, a Password Manager can also incorporate an automated login script that first compares the current site's URL to the stored site's URL.
ManageEngine Password Manager Pro received the highest score in nine out of the 22 evaluation criteria, which include customer satisfaction, application-to-application password management, overall interface intuitiveness, modernness, ease of use and direct customer install base.
When you use a password manager to log into a website, you will first visit that site normally.
ManageEngine is demonstrating Password Manager Pro and exhibiting the rest of its portfolio in Stand E91 at Infosecurity Europe being held April 29 May 1, 2014, at Earl s Court, London.
ManageEngine will demonstrate the integration of DeviceExpert and Password Manager Pro along with the rest of its IT infrastructure management solutions portfolio in booth #54.
Online identity protection company Yubico announced on Tuesday that the free, open source password manager software Password Safe has successfully implemented the company's YubiKey two-factor authentication.
The Password Manager module features include password synchronization, self-service reset, token management, security question enrolment, biometric enrolment, PKI certificate management and more.
According to the company, Hitachi ID Password Manager (formerly P-Synch) 7.
Enterprise Random Password Manager was developed to automatically discover and update all privileged password account use throughout the enterprise.