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7 colors C cream, red, black, chrome, pastel blue, pastel green, pink
Pair your suit with a light shirt- think pale pink with grey and a pastel green with the brown-to sharpen your look.
The 100-year-old pastel green Cathedral Mosque was torn down in September and a new mosque being built next to it is still under construction.
New colours include, fuschia pink, duck egg blue, jade green, grey, white chocolate flavour, pastel yellow and pastel green.
Available in pastel green, it will easily be the coolest appliance in your kitchen, and would look right at home with a few vintage fridge magnets stuck onto it.
The process was mechanised in the 1960s with machines that shake the droopy-limbed trees and send a hail of pastel green nuts onto large slanted flatbeds.
Some of the buildings on the Renaissance town square even were built by Armenian merchants, and their pastel green, yellow, rose and blue facades have been restored and declared a UNESCO-protected monument.
Looking lovely in a pastel green Marcelo Quandros gown, Paris Hilton greeted and met VIPs, top fashionistas and local celebrities who attended the star-studded evening at Salam Stores.
Inside the showroom, customers are greeted with pastel green walls, Victorian furniture and rows of antique, claw-foot bathtubs.
Food stores, which will all trade under the sub-brand Local Store, will have a bright green fascia--chosen for its associations with freshness, healthiness and cleanliness--while banks will be blue, pharmacies pastel green, funeralcare purple and travel outlets orange.
Sky, as it is now known, is now one of the most popular shades, along with silvery Trailer Trash and pastel green Mint, all pounds 8.