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There are some schools with a pastor who is inclined to micromanage the school's personnel and curriculum program.
Bedard that matrimony should be delayed until the pastor has a degree of certainty about a couple's readiness to celebrate the sacrament.
In this personal memoir of pastoral life--surely one of the most interesting genres of church history--Killinger exposed the fault lines in theological education, eviscerated pastoral predecessors who were little more than power-mongering CEOs, laughed with clergy colleagues at the petulance of the laity, sympathized with clergy who were trapped in dead-end pastorates, opined that some of the best people he had known had been capable of some of the most dastardly deeds, identified the bottom line of budgets as the governing power in local churches, suggested that bungee jumping will one day be regarded by anthropologists as a symbol of our entertainment-starved culture, and enumerated the never-ending tasks of a local church pastor.
The genuine desire by the people and pastors of Anglican and Lutheran churches in Canada to work together in the Body of Christ is made all the more profound given the uniqueness of and the loyalty to our respective diversity and traditions.
A pastor, on the other hand, just drives up with his suitcases, a complete stranger expected to lead us in the delicate business of dancing with God.
In conclusion, the pastors do not leave readers wondering what to do next.
It was, however, not so easy for the majority of clergy with responsibilities for pastoral care to make the transition from Catholic priest to Protestant pastor.
If you find your pastor has a concern about abortion and its possible consequences with the IRS, contact the Outreach Department at National Right to Life and obtain a copy of the NRLC General Counsel's outline on what churches are permitted to do.
The church was an emergency stop on the Underground Railroad and, on at least two occasions, families were hidden in the heating tunnel, which is a "rare, intact Underground Railroad site," according to Pastor Dyson.
Stanley Mwaniki, a pastor at the ACK church Kibugu, attacked his estranged wife Ann Ngira with kicks and brows injuring her near the church last Sunday.
The meeting was attended by the Pastors of the churches including Pastor Christopher, Pastor Saleem Ghuri, Pastor Sadiq Maseeh and Pastor Ashir Adnan.