Pater familias

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PATER FAMILIAS, civil law. One who was sui juris and consequently was not either under parental power, nor under that of a master; a child in his cradle, therefore, could have been pater familias, if he had neither a master nor a father. Lec. Elem. Sec. 127, 128.

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The inherent complicatedness of the ghost world that resists essentialization is furthermore linked to a collective (the couple, the mothers) as representative of this realm rather than to the individual pater familias or sovereign.
s pater familias, agreed with a Fox Business News anchor who called it his "No.
I think that it is the expectation of the European taxpayer that this money will be used, to quote a term from Roman law, in the way of a bonus pater familias ("the good head of household"), which, in modern terms, you could call good governance.
O pater familias, exercendo controle quase absoluto sobre esposa, filhos, agregados e escravos, lider por definicao da tradicional familia patriarcal, comeca a perder sua autoridade com a vida na cidade.
At the heart of the study are young men with a "decentred" status with regards to the pater familias, the cornerstone of social order.
Pater familias Lyman Beecher, an evangelical reformer in the Calvinist tradition, transmitted his restless energy to ten offspring who survived to adulthood.
Lisbeth was "taken under the wing" of the Longmore family and worked for the pater familias Dr Longmore, another long-lived GP, whose practice she ultimately took over in Walsall when he retired from active work in his early 90's.