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COUSIN, domest. rel. Cousins are kindred who are the issue of two brothers or two sisters, or of a brother and a sister. Those who descend from the brother or sister of the father of the person spoken of are called paternal cousins; maternal cousins are those who are descended from the brothers or sisters of the mother. Vide 2 Bro. C. C. 125; 1 Sim. & Stu. 301; 3 Russ. C. C. 140; 9 Sim. R. 386, 457.

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The young woman's paternal aunt finally told Shreim of the situation.
Laila Al-Misawi, the victim's paternal aunt, said Zikra came home from the school that day crying and with her clothes torn and face soaked in blood.
The bride's paternal aunt, Thome Blackwell Sullivan, designed and created all flower arrangements for the celebration.
Her paternal aunt and uncle, who lived in the USA, were put forward as carers and were assessed by US authorities as appropriate adopters.
Inquiry Officer (IO) Haji Irshad said Vijay Sham Das, 16, asked his mother for some pocket money, but his mother refused and told him to ask his paternal aunt.
Let's say that the patient has a paternal aunt who died of breast cancer at 40 years of age, as well as a father who was diagnosed with prostate cancer (whose risk can also be increased by BRCA mutations) at 55 years, Dr.
But the Di Resta family also have more colourful investments, with Paul's paternal aunt and grandfather running a pounds 1million sex business.
Last year, it was reported that his paternal aunt Zeituni Onyango was an illegal immigrant to the US living in a rundown public housing estate in South Boston.
An example of these efforts involved a four-year-old boy who had been placed with his paternal aunt.
It was among documents sent by Peter's paternal aunt, Pat McBride, from her home in the USA where she moved almost 50 years ago.
On January 14 this year, his mother married an old childhood friend of his father's but Mr McNally grew concerned on January 22 when a paternal aunt rang to say she was worried he had not been seen for four days.