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Over 6,000 physicians and other medical professionals have enrolled online to create a free Vivacare account to access hundreds of personalized patient education handouts and videos from reputable sources, including federal health agencies, professional organizations, patient groups and medical publishers.
However, when researchers, led by Charles Prestigiacomo, from the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, compared the readability of patient education materials, they found that none of the patient education resources met the recommended readability level, or even the seventh to eighth grade (school years eight to 10 in the UK) reading ability of a 'typical' American adult.
As healthcare organizations seek the most efficient and effective ways to enhance clinical decision support and patient education initiatives, the Integrated Patient Education solutionprovides an innovative foundation for the future of healthcare delivery.
We hope to get you thinking about patient education and encourage you to connect with other oncology nurses for current and time-proven strategies for educating patients.
There are many different patient education software systems on the market, ranging from fairly simple programs to very complex.
Ensuring that providers use comprehensive informed-consent procedures, improve communication and launch Web-based patient education tools can serve as an important step to reduce the frequency and severity of malpractice litigation,
The patient education assets include publications and services financed by pharmaceutical company sponsorship and advertising.
After careful evaluation, I decided the patient education software could serve a dual role in our residency program.
assessment enabled the group's physicians (and other health care providers) to reflect on their approach to patient education and target current practices that need improvement.
Navigating Cancer's Patient Education Program achieved the following in 2013:
ExitCare, LLC, a leader in patient education solutions, has acquired the content and video delivery software of Patient Edu, LLC--an award-winning collection of over 40 hours of interactive, on-demand patient education video-based content covering more than eight specialties.
The first EHR to work with Mayo Clinic, drchrono created a way to take their digitized patient education material and allow doctors to pass this along to patients in an extremely efficient paperless way.

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