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Patsy Mink, renowned for her tireless work on the passage of Title IX; Loretta Ross, national coordinator of the SisterSong Women of Color Reproductive Health Collective; and former NOW Presidents Patricia Ireland and Eleanor Smeal.
Patricia Ireland is a Florida Bar member and an attorney with Phillips, Richard & Rind, P.
The next day, Patricia Ireland, former president of the National Organization for Women, gave a talk entitled "Are We There Yet?
Very quickly after she joined, then-president Patricia Ireland saw her potential and took her on as her executive assistant.
Contrarily, Patricia Ireland argues in favor of the protection of the federal Social Security system for women.
Patricia Ireland, the formert longtime president of the National Organization for Women, has been fired as the chief executive officer of the YWCA, a position she held for less than six months.
As Bruce notes, Betty Friedan belonged to the Communist Party, Gloria Steinem is honorary chair of the Democratic Socialists of America, and immediate past president of NOW Patricia Ireland wrote about her support of the Communist Party in her 1999 autobiography, What Women Want.
One such customer is Patricia Ireland, from Rhoose, who part-exchanged a Daihatsu for a Chrysler in August.
Among those affected is Patricia Ireland, of Llanmeade Gardens, Rhoose, who in late August part exchanged a Daihatsu Charade for a Chrysler Voyagar family vehicle.
The issue of censorship was addressed by Patricia Ireland, president of NOW.
Someone observed to Patricia Ireland recently that the formation of the rightwing Bush Administration is about as discouraging for progressives as Ronald Reagan's ascendancy in 1980.
Bush sided with the likes of Betty Friedan, Patricia Ireland, Gloria Steinem, et al.