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PATRICIDE. One guilty of killing his father.

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As Greene rightly states, Oedipus's guilt of patricide in fact is only "inferred from the discovery of his origin and from the discovery that he has fulfilled the half of the Delphic oracle that prophesied incest; ergo, his inference would run, presumably the other half that foretold parricide has been fulfilled" (1929, 81).
197) and for any sin, even patricide and matricide (ll.
Forgie, Patricide in the House Divided: A Psychological Interpretation of Lincoln and His Age (New York, 1979), chap.
In a world where the comic always overshadows the tragic, the local sheriff can ignore all eyewitnesses to save Sugar from the consequences of his patricide attempt.
Or, perhaps, Meyerbeer's protege, Wagner (when he published his "scurrilous" Das Judentum in der Musik by way of a psychological patricide in 1850, p.
Unsurprisingly, the Merovingians make the most lurid reading--regicide, patricide, fratricide, filicide, murder of assorted cousins and in-laws--all to obviate the possibility of usurpation of the throne and the threat of revenge.
Mauro's patricide consists in his refusal to treat Gioacchino as a father; he never addresses him by that title.
No, dear Soho"; "A sick manager, mammal, Malthusian / induced to become a patriarch, patricide.
As for George IV, who has circulated longer than most royals through decades of public tragedies and farces as prince regent, dandy, "your fat friend," putative patricide, bigamist, and would-be divorcee, the monarchical inheritance that finally came in 1820 didn't take.
Frazer admits to patricide, is pursued ate monologues Carter man by Worschowski and is desperately trying to get in touch with his (and Romeo's) Juliet.
So it is ironic that, as the new century opens, Trilling's own life has come to resemble a Freudian family romance, with his widow Diana displaying what some harsh critics have deemed an unseemly envy of her famous husband, and with his son James engaging in nothing less than vengeful patricide.