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Combining these variables captures how patriarchal domination occurs with a matrix of traits, but does not allow us to test Nancy Jay's insights about patrilineality and the relationship to religious rituals.
The recent ethnographic accounts of both Maurice Godelier and Carol Delaney suggest that in some societies a sense of patrilineality preceded individual-based property inheritance rules.
When the individual predictors are examined the male inheritance pattern is the strongest, followed by patrilineality.
But while a fundamental material concern of iduhu is land the idiom of patrilineality, so commonly breached in recruitment practice, appears to be a significant component of their historical identity and in this respect the iduhu kwarana is focal.
It is possible, then, that an increased use of local land courts, which may be drawn into a common law-oriented legal structure (Zorn 1992), could affect the social makeup of iduhu if the principle of patrilineality became institutionalised as a rule in respect to landholding.
Let us now try to discover the other social loci where Ankave patrilineality is expressed.