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PATRIMONIAL. A thing, which comes from the father, and by extension, from the mother or other ancestor.

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Because the mentioned text is referring to general compensations, and not only to patrimonial compensations, in the Romanian doctrine (Beligradeanu, 1993: 14-15; Stefanescu, 1996: 49), it was appreciated that the obligation to moral compensations of the strike organisers, illegally declared or continued, is legally admitted, if the unit suffered from a real non-patrimonial prejudice, severe enough, in this way, the judicial instances having the sovereign right to decision, according to the specific situation of each case (Mazeaud, Mazeaud and Tune, 1957: 407-408).
Dans ce contexte, il convient de se demander si l'on peut parler d'un << paysage patrimonial >> et/ou de plusieurs << paysages patrimoniaux >> (Di Giovine 2008).
One of Fukuyama's distinctive insights is that states do not simply replace patrimonial networks but rather are layered on top of them.
Boeing also will develop two ground sites in Mexico with advanced beam-forming flexibility to direct mobile user spot beams to government agencies operating in Mexico and its patrimonial seas, including the Pacific Ocean and Gulf of Mexico.
Ao cruzar as variaveis faixa patrimonial e partido, Leoncio Martins Rodrigues constata que pode existir relacao entre o patrimonio do parlamentar e a ideologia do seu partido.
Over 200 formulas and valuation methods used worldwide at this time are grouped into patrimonial or balance-sheet based methods, financial or income statement-based methods, mixed methods and market based methods (Anghel et al.
In the second chapter "Survival of the Monarchy," Davidson chronicles the evolution of the patrimonial system as monarchs survived by becoming agents of change, encouraging traditional values, and utilizing a rentier system based on oil wealth and strong Western backing to control their various sheikhdoms.
Using a grant provided by the Foundation and a Fulbright Scholarship, the couple first traveled to Bolivia in 2003 to help restore and secure the country's historic and patrimonial sites.
Inversion Patrimonial para Empleados MSD ["Wealth Investment for MSD Employees," the company's new retirement/ investment plan] is indeed a trust-building program," she adds.
Ibn Khaldun: History as Science and the Patrimonial Empire.
The realm was a patrimonial, pre-modern state, which actually belonged to the royal family.