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Higbie mentions the exception of Calchas and Teiresias who are supposedly never given patronymics.
The first instance of Adrastus' patronymic occurs after the night of the arrival of Tydeus and Polynices.
This results from a secondary shortening-ana- > -ana-, and can be explained either as the result of a contamination with patronymics in-aiiana-(-Ved.
Vedic and Avestan thus line up closely with Greek, and point to a Proto-Indo-Iranian genitival and patronymic suffix of the shape *-aHna-/-aHnaH-.
Arabs and colonizers were required to carry a carte d'identite that gave an individual's address as well as details registered in the etat civil such as the bearer's patronymic and date of birth.
Yet, the point here is that the first name, the prenom Nedjma, is central to the novel yet the patronymic, the genealogical line is obscured, paternity is in doubt, the line of succession is fractured in the same way that the intrusion of the colonizer fractures the history of a society.
Second, Watut have no doubt that at least the main five patronymics originated at Hamtai, the Watut origin place across the Ekuti Range in the Aseki area, with the birth of the single male founder of each one.
Third, the patronymics are believed to be gifted with what might be called 'aptitudes'.
Unless otherwise stated, when talking about patronymics I am referring to the full form [GREEK TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] (or variant)+genitive of parent's name,(4) rather than the special Greek patronymic forms in [GREEK TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] speaking, the former seems to be a more emphatic form of patronymic reference, and thereof ore perhaps a more likely vehicle for carrying particular significance of the kind I shall be suggesting.
Overall for these four characters, patronymics outnumber names by almost two-to-one (27 compared to 15).
BCH 36, 84 6 (including the Herakleote Titos Satyrionos, his son Titos Titou, and his grandchildren Theodora, Satyros and Posidippos; or the Tarentines Demetrios Dazou and Parmenion Dazymou, whose patronymics indicate Messapian connections) and IG 12.
the full name of the participant (surname, first name, patronymic (if any), data of the identity document, including the individual entrepreneur) corresponding to the certificate of registration of the participant or an extract from the labor register country of registration of the participant;