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Our investigation found five pay-day lenders, such as The Money Shop, or pawnbrokers with better rates than Santander, HSBC, NatWest, RBS and Barclays.
Braswell & Son Pawnbrokers is in the relationship business; by building relationships with customers it is better able to understand and meet their needs.
H&T group, which trades as H&T Pawnbrokers and was established in 1897, posted a 42.
How long should the pawnbroker keep the goods that have been pledged?
The glamour queen of Twitter enjoyed a night out with Dan Hatfield, star of Channel 4's Posh Pawnbrokers.
He owns the high-end Prestige Pawnbrokers, which has three stores in upmarket locations, where the elite exchange their luxuries for hard cash.
The group is the second largest pawnbroker in the UK, with 183 branches and almost 900 staff, serving 140,000 customers.
The pawnbroker put itself up for sale in early December after its trading was hit by a slump in gold prices and rising competition in a sector that has more than doubled in size over the past five years.
Furthermore, no secondhand article will be sold, encumbered by sales contract or otherwise disposed of, or altered in its appearance, within 30 days of purchase by a pawnbroker and 10 days of purchase by a secondhand or junk dealer unless permission is granted by the police chief.
So strong is the revival of pawnbroking - the National Pawnbrokers Association says member numbers are up from 50 in 1980 to 1,200 today - that The Share Centre is telling small investors to buy Albemarle & Bond shares.
A preliminary inquiry by the TTD's vigilance authorities into Friday's incident revealed that Deekshitulu had mortgaged not one, but 12 ornaments with pawnbrokers and took loans worth over Rs 10 lakh.
Fortunately, he is sheltered by another newcomer, a pawnbroker who buys secrets and anything else people might want to be rid of.