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payor (payer)

n. The one who must make payment on a promissory note.

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Paya, an engineer and fervent Roman Catholic, was one of the first dissidents against the Castro regime to seek wholesale political and economic change, and won the European parliament's Sakharov prize for human rights in 2002, the report said.
Paya, 60-year-old leader of the Christian Liberation Movement, and fellow dissident Harold Cepero died in a car crash in eastern Granma province on Sunday.
Paya is one of half a dozen elephants which have been taught to use a paintbrush by their keepers, but apparently is so far the only one which has mastered his own likeness.
GAM spokesman Sofyan Dawood told Kyodo News by cellular phone from Paya Cot Trieng that about 600 GAM troops, including himself, are still under siege.
Paya has enjoyed considerable international exposure since former President Jimmy Carter championed the Varela Project during his visit to Cuba in May.
Born on February 29, 1952 in Havana, Oswaldo Paya Sardinas has been arrested on several occasions for his open criticism of the regime.
Los disidentes cubanos Elizardo Sanchez, Osvaldo Paya, Vladimiro Roca y Raul Rivero son tratados como "agentes del imperialismo" porque el regimen de Fidel Castro no puede concebir la existencia de una oposicion pacifica que defienda la democracia y la soberania.
Under this ban, the burning of Siri Paya will be prohibited at commercial areas, markets, bazaars, roadsides etc.
Using the latest technoloc gy, y childrh enr and young people will be able to paya for their schoolc lunchesc by placing a thumb or finger on a digital scanner,r giving i securer access to their own w account to be used to paya for food, trips or uniform.
Durante una ceremonia oficial Felipe Calderon exalto la memoria de Oswaldo Paya, disidente cubano fallecido el 22 de julio ultimo en un accidente automovilistico.