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Compressor replacement was investigated and was found to improve one used unit EER by 9% and capacity by 3% with maximum payback period of 4 years.
It is worth noting that if all costs (except Turbine cost) are raised by 100%, it results in the negative value for the 20-year NPV and, 27 years of payback period and 50% increase in COE.
Adding together the payback period and the impact on other building systems will give you the true ROI of upgrading your building's windows and let you know if that project is a window that you want to open.
On the basis of payback period, IIM Ahmedabad scores over Harvard by two months.
Rather than a large-scale, expensive approach to energy management, by replacing antiquated boiler systems or installing triple-glazed windows or solar panels; these require significant investments and longer payback periods.
He also felt that the payback period indicated how long HDTV Systems' investment was at risk.
It is true that solar is also comparatively cheap after the initial payback period, although this is much longer than wind or biomass alternatives.
The two most common methods are return on investment (ROI) and payback period.
Wendt says that its 2003 SSE customers have reported rapid returns, with one customer calculating a 60-day payback period.
But considering the scale of the NOx emissions reduction and the additional operating efficiencies to be captured further down the pulp line as a result of the wood handling improvements, Sodra Cell believes that this project's four-year payback period provides an excellent investment.