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As shown, peak amplitudes occurs 9 Hz to 13 Hz, 9 Hz to 40 Hz and 9 Hz to 24 Hz in longitudinal, lateral and vertical directions respectively.
4 and 287nm for ASC and its concentration in the range of 220 g ml-1 and peak amplitude at 315.
The authors interpreted that increased peak amplitudes reflected increased activity that may be intracortical in origin, specifically in subareas of the somatosensory cortex.
To further investigate the nature of the MEG signal in the left occipito-temporal regions, we first measured the peak amplitude of the MEG signals as the highest amplitude from 150 to 250 ms after the onset of the disk stimulus.
The mean peak amplitude of P700 was significantly smaller in the patient group than in the control group at all four electrode placements (Pz: 3.
Figure 8 shows the spatial variation of the peak amplitude of the [pi]-mode pulse along the gate line for different values of [A.
The greatest batt derriere peak amplitude was transverse rotation away from the stance limb (71[degrees]; range: 41[degrees] to 93[degrees]), followed by pelvic obliquity (side bending) toward the stance limb (-64[degrees]; range: -43[degrees] to -88[degrees]).
There were also significant differences between both groups in the peak amplitude of N2 (F(1, 22) = 5.
The peak amplitude is mainly due to the shedding mechanism and slay mechanism in the moment when starts the movement toward extreme frontal position.
P2 peak amplitude and latency measures were determined at the Cz site from each participant's averaged waveforms for each stimulus intensity.
Figure 1 shows a nominal AE event and two widely characterized parameters, peak amplitude and event duration.
The medium-latency components, on the other hand, showed high correspondence, and the highest correlation was found for the inter-peak amplitude in comparison to the peak amplitude of N180.