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However, if peak amplitudes (PA) are examined for the two runs, a different picture develops (Figs.
These variables included three amplitude and three latency measures: (a) the second large negative peak amplitude ([N.
My calculation of the contribution of the covariance term directly from the peak amplitudes given by Gordon et al.
The highest activation level was detected in the 30 Hz-group with vibration peak amplitude of 3.
An observed x-ray peak will be described as the sum of many pseudo-Voigt profiles, each of them being characterized by four parameters, the proportion Cg of Gaussian to Lorentzian distribution, the peak position, the peak width and the peak amplitude.
The 25, 35 and 45% thresholds calculated peak amplitude values for the beginning, 25, 50, 75 and 100% of time to exhaustion were given in figures 3, 4, 5 and 6 for GL, VM, GM and SOL, respectively.
A tip angle of [pi]/2 is obtained from a 5 ms long, 6 V peak amplitude signal applied to a square Helmholtz pair, 23.
The following parameters were obtained: peak to peak amplitude ([A.
Because the peak amplitude of the spread spectrum noise is much lower, interference is significantly reduced.
SWANguard ISU - 200 continuously monitors one or two stress wave sensors and calculates the corresponding Stress Wave Energy (SWE(TM)) and Stress Wave Peak Amplitude (SWPA(TM)) values.