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In this study, soil and topographic maps of 1:50,000 scales acquired from Watershed Management Organization of Tehran, hydrological data (daily and hourly peak flow of floods) and recorded daily and hourly rainfalls in interior and exterior stations were used.
Further, the high correlation between peak flow and medication adherence suggests that adherence did strongly influence pulmonary functioning.
He added: 'At present, only ten per cent of asthma sufferers use peak flow meters as monitoring devices but we believe that the advantages offered by the PiKo device, and its listing on the UK drugs tariff, will encourage wider use.
The patients who stepped up could step back down again if, after 7 days of stepped-up care, they had no reliever medication use, no nighttime awakenings, a morning peak flow greater than or equal to 85% of their mean baseline, and no more asthma symptoms than before they became worse for 2 consecutive days.
I also suspect that the 30mphlimit (ifkept) could cause tail backs at peak flow times.
A peak flow meter measures the rate at which a person can empty their lungs - asthma causes narrowing of the airways making it more difficult to shift air in and out of the lungs.
Respironics HealthScan's Web pages present comprehensive educational information about the benefits of nasal irrigation, peak flow monitoring, and the use of spacer devices and how to incorporate these therapies into busy lifestyles.
Their new national distribution centre is capable of managing a peak flow of 300,000 cases a day, utilizing approximately 35,000 pallet locations and a wide variety of equipment.
If the peak flow shows signs of getting less, day by day, then that suggests the lungs are beginning to fail.
Study results suggest that a normal peak flow makes significant COPD (FEV1<60%) highly unlikely and essentially rules out severe COPD (FEV1<50%).
The market comprises diagnostic devices such as spirometers and peak flow meters, monitoring devices such as capnographs and pulse oximeters; therapeutic devices such as oxygen concentrators and nebulisers; Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) devices, and disposables such as oxygen masks, nasal cannulae and CPAP masks.
In order to comparison of different methods with regard to objective functions of Percent Error in peak flow and Peak-Weighted Root Mean Square Error, model ran for each method and results are presented in tables 6 and 7.