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PEDLARS. Persons who travel about the country with merchandise, for the purpose of selling it. They are obliged under the laws of perhaps all the states to take out licenses, and to conform to the regulations which those laws establish.

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There are differences between street traders and pedlars.
Lib Dem Consumer Affairs Minister Jo Swinson is spearheading plans to axe legislation which restricts pedlars from knocking on people's doors, approaching them in the road and setting up stalls on streets.
The council fears the new rules will allow pedlars to be able to move around at will in the city centre, harming legitimate traders' business and potentially giving a negative impression to tourists.
If we, as readers, are left to float, as our own wandering Pedlars, on the sea of signifiers without finding any permanent semantic mooring, Wordsworth does suggest that, language may provide a social bond, even if it does not lend itself towards a coherent philosophy or even allow us to make full sense of the phenomena of nature.
The Manchester Bill would give us special powers to tackle the problem, limiting the activities of pedlars from trading house to house and enabling enforcement officers to seize pedlars' equipment and goods.
While some people may still cling to a romantic view of pedlars as harmless Del Boy figures the reality is no laughing matter.
Eschewing the traditional focus of economic history on one town or region, Fontaine reconstructs the economic activities of her merchant pedlars from account books and bankruptcy records and follows wherever they lead, even across national boundaries (Frenchmen peddled in Spain; Scots in England, Scandinavia, and Poland).
THE image of Cardiff as one of the premier shopping locations will be damaged if proposals to relax the law on street pedlars are given the green light.
PEDLARS who exploit an ancient law to sell their goods on Liverpool's busiest streets will be removed within weeks.
PEDLARS could be banned from the streets of Liverpool by a ground-breaking new law.
PROFESSIONAL beggars earning up to pounds 300 a day and street pedlars selling goods at vastly inflated prices are being targeted in a police crackdown.