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She had a pen-pal in America who was a Buddy Holly fan and they would send each other things about music.
The killer's letter included a child-like drawing of Disney characters Lady and the Tramp, originally intended for another pen-pal who dumped him.
At the same time, through a teacher, he signs up for a pen-pal, and gets a reply from a girl called Alice.
Fennell (1991) inspired my strategy of writing math pen-pal letters.
AROUND 30 schoolchildren are planning an exchange trip with their pen-pals who live just 20 miles away.
In 1998, law school grad Betsy Wolfenden and Central Prison death row inmate Michael Fullwood, her pen-pal, launched the nonprofit organization Restitution, Inc.
For example, a pen-pal program was developed by Marion Dorotik and Mike R.