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PENSIONER. One who is supported by an allowance at the will of another. It is more usually applied to him who receives an annuity or pension from the government.

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This, Mr Clennam, you must know, is an old pensioner of mine, Old Nandy, a very faithful old man.
If Maggy will spread that newspaper on the window- sill, my dear,' remarked the Father complacently and in a half whisper to Little Dorrit, 'my old pensioner can have his tea there, while we are having ours.
Once he asked the pensioner, in that general clemency which asked him anything to keep him afloat, how old his younger grandchild was?
John Edward,' said the pensioner, slowly laying down his knife and fork to consider.
The more of these discoveries that he persuaded himself he made in the pensioner, the better he appeared to like him; and when he got out of his chair after tea to bid the pensioner good-bye, on his intimating that he feared, honoured sir, his time was running out, he made himself look as erect and strong as possible.
They were sons of subordinate officials in the Railway, Telegraph, and Canal Services; of warrant-officers, sometimes retired and sometimes acting as commanders-in-chief to a feudatory Rajah's army; of captains of the Indian Marine Government pensioners, planters, Presidency shopkeepers, and missionaries.
As a pensioner I would not mind paying a few bob to keep costs down.
IF YOU are over 60, think you can sing and want a chance at Christmas number one with the world famous Chelsea Pensioners then The Singing Pensioner is for you.
Anyway, back to the long discussed pensioner penguin axis.
Those eligible for the Scheme will be households with at least one pensioner receiving from the Social Insurance Fund, Social Pension, Professional Pension Plans implemented in Cyprus, and whose income is below the poverty line," she said.
The study found the average pensioner experienced a 7.
A source close to the First Minister said they hoped the pensioner discount would have spin-off benefits for the elderly.