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A condition of enforced servitude by which a person is restrained of his or her liberty and compelled to labor in payment of some debt or obligation.


Involuntary Servitude.

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1979) 'Rural workers in Spanish America: problems of peonage and oppression', Hispanic American Historical Review 59 (1): 34-63.
219, 242 (1911) (holding that the term peonage amounted to indentured or involuntary servitude).
In the second chapter of Fears and Fascinations, Haddox analyzes the medievalism that Southerners claimed as a justification first for slavery and then for peonage and discrimination.
Several of the statute's enumerated crimes, such as indentured servitude, trafficking, and peonage, relate specifically to crimes against workers.
Frank described baseball's reserve clause as "holding men in peonage," writing, "Only the totalitarian-minded will believe that high pay excuses virtual slavery.
The last chapter, "Child Bondage in the Liberal Republic," describes the tutelary domestic servitude of poor children as a form of bondage that the author groups with other types of unfree labour, such as penal labour and debt peonage.
Schmidt claimed, for example, that the Supreme Court's peonage decisions, which invalidated statutes forcing persons who breached employment contracts to become indentured servants, (67) effectively dismantled southern peonage and became "the most lasting of the White Court's contributions to justice for black people, and among its greatest achievements.
She advocated for an array of causes: fair and reasonable wages for working women, the abolition of Mexican peonage, the amendment of federal policy toward Native Americans, and the annexation of Texas and Cuba.
various southern state laws that established debt peonage under the
Similarly, for the Mexican rancho period, we start with Hubert Howe Bancroft's vision of rancho life as "lotus-land" and complicate it with the experiences of California Indians working under the system of debt peonage.
The play, meanwhile, excoriates a system of debt peonage, which links easy and usurious credit for wage-depressed working people to a larger system of wage slavery and renegade finance capitalism.