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The current study was planned to compare institutional environmental perceptions of students with high and low academic performance in summative examinations and identify factors associated with better academic performance.
In the first two chapters of the book, Church illustrates the basics of her account of perception with reference to the perception of ordinary objects.
Identifying whether a person has these four genes could help doctors better understand a patient's perception of pain.
The phone, the valuable instrument that allows people at long distances to connect and is responsible for lifesaving 911 calls is also the perpetrator of some of the worst perceptions others have of us.
All our knowledge has its origins in our perceptions.
Students' perceptions of their goal setting effort on self-regulated learning were assessed through the student-led conference format.
But they will not do so because they do not believe they are ignorant; they believe their perceptions and because these are their perceptions, they believe they must be true.
A relationship between negative perceptions and anxiety levels was found in both samples (adult r=.
The Development of a Construct for Measuring an Individual's Perceptions of E-mail as a Medium for Electronic Communication in Organization
Holding company Obsidian Enterprises Inc has given up its attempts to buy fallen customer interaction software star Net Perceptions Inc by withdrawing its revised exchange offer.
Outside influences can create perceptions that aren't necessarily real, yet leave the consumer wondering what to believe.
Come March, the perceptions and preconceived notions fly as easily as a line drive in the Arizona sun, and why bother playing the season, since we know exactly what's going to go down from spring training until the final, awkward words of congratulations tumble from the mouth of the commissioner on a cool October evening.