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The percepts received from the environment, messages received from other agents and messages internal to an agent are three types of events that might be received by any particular plan.
The percepts and messages between agent types are given in section 5.
Trains of thought, grounded in the manipulation of percepts with words, generate proprioception, or the experience of doing the deed.
Not only is the emergence of categories left unexplained, but thought is viewed as a recreation of modal experiences, while the semantic content of linguistic terms is explained by the triggering of the corresponding modal percepts, which mysteriously become concepts by the middle of the book.
It has percept routines that are constantly analyzing the camera image to provide updates of its perceptual beliefs:
Dori Derdikman, Marcin Szwed, Knarik Bagdasarian, Per Magne Knutsen, Maciej Pietr, Chunxiu Yu, Amos Arieli and Ehud Ahissar Active construction of percepts about object location.
When asked by Hubert Hoskins, "If I were to say that the traditional Christian doctrine of the Incarnation can be expressed by the phrase, 'Christ is the medium and the message,' is that a percept or a concept?
I distinguish the terms percept and concept by describing, but not naming, a cylindrical object with metal arms and a pneumatic stopper that prevents a door from slamming.