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sfc] : ring, projection, forwardness/brightness percept.
We can associate the Deleuzian reinterpretation of affect with his other similar concepts, such as percepts, becoming, the plane of immanence, or the body without organs in the positive sense: these are the transcendent creative forces within immanence.
The percepts and messages between agent types are given in section 5.
Not only is the emergence of categories left unexplained, but thought is viewed as a recreation of modal experiences, while the semantic content of linguistic terms is explained by the triggering of the corresponding modal percepts, which mysteriously become concepts by the middle of the book.
It has percept routines that are constantly analyzing the camera image to provide updates of its perceptual beliefs:
As the left side of figure 3 depicts, the system operates in a bottom-up manner, starting with primitive concepts, which match against percepts, and working up to higher-level concepts, which match against lower-level concepts.
Principle 8: Individual Variability--The subject responding to the Rorschach usually limits production to a few percepts and these are upon re-examination usually very similar.
The breaking and its velocity form a two-in-one plane of aesthetic composition, "The clinch of forces as percepts and becomings as affects are completely complementary" (WIP 182).
A drawback of the object-centered representation is that it requires a preconceived notion about the object to ultimately be found, its mathematical and representational structure, and the way in which the observed percepts should be integrated to support the hypothesis of the postulated object.
Dori Derdikman, Marcin Szwed, Knarik Bagdasarian, Per Magne Knutsen, Maciej Pietr, Chunxiu Yu, Amos Arieli and Ehud Ahissar Active construction of percepts about object location.
The percept role of this construction is an individual (NP), and the participle functions as its complement; note the term "individual" refers to all perceptible objects, either human entities or things (i.
I have an analogy for this experience of finding a name for a heretofore phantom percept: I call it getting a "bookmark" (the name and the context it provides) to a "hyperlink" (the sense impression or percept, a collection of uncategorized information).