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Perennial plant and control treatments significantly differed in snail shell height (H = 245.
A special attribute of this perennial plant is the remarkable similarity in texture to that of the finest velvet when the soft, hairy, gray-green, heart-shaped leaves are gently caressed between the fingers.
to noon, annual Perennial Plant Swap on the front lawn at the historical society.
It is a perennial plant which has an unparalleled ability to regain after frost stress.
Famed for spectacular foliage and attractive late spring/early summer flowers, vibrancy of leaf colour alone makes this semi-evergreen perennial plant a must have.
This perennial plant is native to the Amazon rainforest, has been used since pre-Inca civilizations and is still used today by Amazonian tribal communities.
PERENNIAL plant Cranesbill geranium is perfect at the front of borders to fill in gaps where otherwise weeds would grow.
Today you can pick up a free Dobbies Essentials hardy perennial plant worth pounds 2.
Jatropha is a pest-resistant perennial plant native to Latin America and yields seeds that can be used to produce biofuel.
Is lavender a perennial plant and can it be used a cut flower?
Eight teams from horticulture programs at two-and four-year institutions participated in the challenge, which consists of competitions in nine horticulture categories: paver installation, maintenance equipment operation, annual and perennial plant identification, woody plant identification, landscape plan reading and estimating, landscape design, skid steer operation, arboriculture skills and sales presentation.