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In addition to the seasonal beauty offered by our Expressions Annuals, our customers increasingly want the sustainability of quality perennials that are landscape anchors offering hardiness, color and reliable performance, year after year.
The most important benefit that perennials confer is protection of the soil.
Preparing plants for scores of flower shows for more than 16 years, I noticed how some perennials lend themselves to pot culture while others don't succeed.
Safeguard tender varieties of perennials over the winter months by putting down mulch.
It is not only possible but it is advisable to plant perennials in the fall.
Summer rainfall events are not uncommon and summer-active perennials, which can exploit these out-of-season rainfall events, are being adopted by farmers in this region.
In North Dakota, Fargo-based ARS scientist Jason Farris is discovering domestication genes in wheat and Brett Hulke is evaluating perennials in the USDA sunflower germplasm collection for disease resistance and working with crop breeders to introduce these genes into cultivated sunflower.
Phlox are classic cottage garden perennials but look out for the new Flame series of compact mildew resistant varieties.
Even in modestly sized beds and borders, perennials can become the mainstay of any display, providing unity and continuity from one year to the next.
Bates and Svejcar conducted a study at a site dominated by a 90-year-old western juniper woodland--a site once vegetated with basin big sagebrush and associated perennial grasses and forbs--to determine whether burning the cut junipers would help reestablish the perennials.
Herbaceous perennials die down to the ground every season and send forth new growth.
We've got FREE lavender and FREE perennials to get your outside space flourishing.