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This perennity and resilience are best echoed by a stunning range of cultural, social and musical events, which are staged regularly throughout Morocco, in towns steeped in history, so that our young generations can properly gauge the full scope of their history as well as the richness of their heritage.
In one form or another, the perennity of political power requires sacrifice.
In contrasting past and present, in focusing on the view from the present, Nuit et brouillard, Le Chagrin et la pitie and Shoah have not relegated the war years to scholarly perennity and public forgetfulness, they have made the war a relevant experience for new generations.
and their perennity has again been recently confirmed by Quebec's Bill 142.
Its Perennity and its, Importance in the Cult of the Emperor," paper for conference on The Nature of State and Society in Medieval China, Stanford, 1980; and John Makeham, "Ming-chiao in Easter Han: Filial Piety, Reputation, and Office," Han-hsueh yen-chiu 8.
Award criteria: The most economically advantageous tender in terms of the criteria stated below: Accommodation: 5% - Technical components of the platform: 20% - functional components of the platform: 50% - perennity community and support: 25% -
But Jose Manuel Barroso, president of the European Commission, told the press that they are "the ecosystem of the single market" and will ensure its perennity.