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Furthermore, Kelly and Aliotti can earn more in performance incentive bonuses than previously reported.
The model requires extensive capital outlay by the hospital; however, it secures long-term contracting relationships with primary care physicians and provides financial performance incentives to physicians.
The Performance Incentive Program allows resellers to gain up to 10 additional discount points on the standard discount they typically receive when they sell Lenovo Priority Support.
Thursday's panel on attracting and retaining teens in afterschool programs will explore the issues of student engagement in afterschool programs as well as performance incentives to support positive behavior, incremental progress and attendance.
In 2007, 64 hospitals earned a total of $104M through the Hospital Performance Incentive Program
31, 1997, of up to approximately DM 32 million (US$ 20 million) for performance incentives (with respect to the future operating results of both Hertel and Kennametal), a non-competition agreement, and a consulting agreement.
When compared to the rest of the nation's hospitals, the quality score of hospitals in the P4P project on 18 publicly reported quality indicators is significantly higher, 85 percent to 79 percent, confirming that performance incentives are effective at improving quality of care.
eight other countries; productivity and performance incentives for bureaucrats; and how competition cuts costs and motivates innovation in public services.
Additional sales performance incentives may entitle resellers to full reimbursement of all training costs.
In addition, the president of di will be retained by way of a management agreement and will be provided with performance incentives including the issuance of up to 1,000,000 OCS shares to be issued at the then prevailing market price of OCS's shares based on the after-tax cash profits generated by the di Associates subsidiary.
And we're delighted that the acquisition provides strong performance incentives for both parties over the term of the agreement.
The plan includes mechanisms for revenue and expense attrition reconciliation and performance incentives that should provide the company with a reasonable opportunity to earn and exceed the authorized equity return.

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