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In fact, Kelly's contract includes a guaranteed minimum of $100,000 per year in performance incentives, with a chance to earn as much as $221,250 more in bonuses that would reward the coach for team success on the field and in the classroom, and for national-caliber or record-setting performances by the UO offense.
For example, a job-skills trainer operating under a performance incentive contract would receive a share of the cost reduction resulting from a more skilled workforce.
Key components include a new influencer program, performance incentives and extended sales team collateral.
A supplemental performance incentive agreement with both of the Managers will also be entered into in respect of performance incentive fees for the C Shares fund, materially on the same terms as the arrangements for the Ordinary Shares fund.
One of the amendments to the company's performance incentive plan increased the number of shares available for issuance to 5,750,000 shares from 3,250,000 shares.
The company has designed and implemented performance incentive programs for some of the nation's largest companies including Mohawk Industries, Sprint, Novo Nordisk, Galderma Pharmaceuticals, Jacuzzi and Ashley Furniture to name a few.
Because the health system has earned accreditations and certifications for its breast health program, cancer services, frail elderly program, orthopedic services, and stroke center -- to name a few -- and because of our ongoing efforts to maintain a culture of safety and high performance, we are well positioned to be a leader in provider performance incentive plans.
Rewards under the performance incentive scheme will take the form of
Animo Venice is the first school to receive a grant from the High Performance Incentive Grant program which earmarks $100 million for "green" school projects funded by Proposition 1D.
Revenue and net income for the fourth quarter were down 19% and 30%, respectively due to a reduction in performance incentive fees and investment income.
In 2007, 64 hospitals earned a total of $104M through the Hospital Performance Incentive Program

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