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For example, if the goal of a pay for performance outcome metric is to lower potentially preventable readmissions related to uncontrolled diabetes, a health insurance company may instate a metric for performance incentive that rewards medical providers for reporting an HbA1c level below an 8 (Ferman, 2004).
s (2007) search of the published literature from 1996 to 2006 led to 41,974 articles related to performance incentive programs, but only 536 of these articles contained any information about patient race and ethnicity.
In fact, Kelly's contract includes a guaranteed minimum of $100,000 per year in performance incentives, with a chance to earn as much as $221,250 more in bonuses that would reward the coach for team success on the field and in the classroom, and for national-caliber or record-setting performances by the UO offense.
Nevertheless, excluding the performance incentive and structuring payments received as a result of that merger, revenues in 2005 were up slightly as compared to those in 2004.
GAO was asked to assess, for major departmental projects, (1) DOE's use of performance incentives to effectively control costs and maintain schedules, (2) the reliability of the data DOE uses to monitor and assess contractor performance, and (3) the reliability of the Project Assessment and Reporting System (PARS) data that senior managers use for project oversight.
Performance incentive contracting (PIC) provides a way to find savings, reduce costs, or recoup lost revenue while at the same time getting the job done as well as, if not better than, in the past.
These performance incentive plans fail to impose a significant downside risk for poor performance.
The three schools in the Mojave Unified School District were the only ones in the Antelope Valley that ranked high enough to share in $100 million in Certificated Staff Performance Incentive Act rewards announced by state education officials Thursday.
The state Certificated Staff Performance Incentive Award program distributes the awards to teachers, principals and aides at schools in the bottom half of the state rankings that show the greatest improvement in their API scores.
Examples that will be discussed include employee performance incentive structures and alignment and software tools to increase employee awareness and change behaviors.
The Performance Incentive Program allows resellers to gain up to 10 additional discount points on the standard discount they typically receive when they sell Lenovo Priority Support.
Stockholders also approved the Company's 2010 Stock Incentive Plan and 2010 Amended and Restated Annual Performance Incentive Plan.

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