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In our study, there was no major difference in perinatal mortality with SBP > 160 mmHg or DBP > 110 mmHg.
The findings of this study show that there is strong association of maternal anemia with increased risk of perinatal mortality, LBW babies, and IUGR.
Further maternal demographic characteristics such as age, uniformity, birth order and pregnancy interval may directly influence perinatal mortality.
Descriptive and logistic regression analyses were used to compare perinatal mortality rates at intervention and control facilities, and to compare health care workers' neonatal resuscitation knowledge and skills index scores over time.
Keywords: Early neonatal mortality, late neonatal mortality, modified wigglesworth classification, stillbirth, perinatal mortality
KEY WORDS: Infection, Reproductive tract, Adverse perinatal outcome, Vaginitis, Perinatal mortality.
A review of perinatal and maternal mortality released on June 23 in Wellington shows that whilst there was a reduction in stillbirths in New Zealand between 2007 and 2013, more can be done to further reduce perinatal mortality in at risk groups, during and after pregnancy.
SAN DIEGO -- Nifedipine and atosiban for tocolysis in women with threatened preterm delivery had similar rates of adverse perinatal outcomes in a randomized clinical trial, but an increase in perinatal mortality in those treated with nifedipine is raising concerns about its safety.
These disorders may complicate 5%-10% of all pregnancies [2] and are leading causes of maternal and perinatal mortality and morbidity worldwide [3].
Although some epidemiological studies have reported that there was no difference in the risk of perinatal complications according to the birth order, recent studies have shown that the risk of perinatal mortality and neonatal morbidity was high in the second twin than the first twin, and the inter twin delivery interval have been suggested as an important risk factor associated with incidence of delivery related complications in second twins7-9.

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