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We know, of course, that concussions can cause permanent brain damage to high school football players, as well as to the younger kids in the youth leagues.
Doctors were unable to prevent her suffering permanent brain damage and her memory, speech and concentration have been affected.
Mr Shepherd told BBC Look North that medical tests had revealed the permanent brain damage.
It can cause permanent brain damage and change forever the way you view the world.
Treatment includes performing lifesaving measures, controlling symptoms, and minimizing permanent brain damage.
But when the teen was released seven days after the incident, the diagnosis indicated that there was no permanent brain damage.
The finding suggests that extra D2 receptors cause permanent brain damage, Kandel says.
This so-called "second impact syndrome" can result in brain swelling, permanent brain damage, and even death.
A company director who suffered permanent brain damage during a routine operation to treat a runny nose has won a pounds 1.
Viv is distraught to be told that he may suffer permanent brain damage.
Dangerous conditions involving lead or asbestos should be treated with the utmost care and you should be cautious and leave your apartment immediately as those substances can cause permanent brain damage.

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