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The National Football League is being accused of hiding medical evidence about the risks of concussions and failing to warn players they risked permanent brain damage if they returned to play too soon after a concussion.
My discontent is caused by mounting evidence that playing football causes permanent brain damage.
It is alleged McPhee pinched, battered, squeezed and shook the baby in August 2008, causing permanent brain damage.
players have already shown a rink between concussions and permanent brain damage, but the N.
A WOMAN was awarded more than pounds 800,000 after she suffered permanent brain damage while on a detox diet.
Sadly, he was badly wounded in a firefight and suffers permanent brain damage.
Paul Cavner, 42, was left with permanent brain damage when four thugs battered him in a brutal barroom assault as he sat enjoying a quiet drink in a Blyth pub.
THE father of two children who died from carbon monoxide poisoning in a Corfu hotel has been left with permanent brain damage, he said yesterday.
Chronic use can cause permanent brain damage, paranoia, a weakened immune system, and heart problems.
Treatment includes performing lifesaving measures, controlling symptoms, and minimizing permanent brain damage.
But when the teen was released seven days after the incident, the diagnosis indicated that there was no permanent brain damage.
The finding suggests that extra D2 receptors cause permanent brain damage, Kandel says.

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