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Pambos Charalambous, Aristo's representative in Russia, who led the delegation, commented: "The island boasts an exceptional property market and offers a serious proposition to prospective property buyers with its realistic routes for obtaining permanent residency and citizenship, as well as its educational opportunities available to all foreign students through public and private educational institutions.
Loucas Koushos, a Cypriot legal consultant, said that two procedures that may be pursued to obtain a permanent residency permit in Cyprus.
The Cypriot permanent residency allows its recipients visa free travel throughout the EU.
We weren't aware that LMIA was required for virtually every candidate who applies for permanent residency, but that's the new scenario," she said.
If you are on a temporary work visa and have been living in the country for the minimum prescribed period, you can be granted permanent residency under the following conditions-your existing employer is ready to offer you employment for a longer period, you manage to score the minimum required points, or you have exceptional talent in arts, culture, sports, etc.
The association will offer the convenience of a holistic and seamless product-service experience to Indians travelling overseas for permanent residency, on work permits or education.
4 ( ANI ): An immigration judge in Boston has granted permanent residency to President Barack Obama's uncle, Onyango Obama.
Applicants are required to invest at least USD5m in compliant products for a minimum of four years, after which they can claim permanent residency.
Beijing: Hong Kong's top court on Monday ruled that foreign maids were not eligible to seek permanent residency in a legal battle that has split the city.
These will be granted permanent residency status and Bulgarian citizenship if they pour BGN 250 000 and hire five Bulgarians in regions with high unemployment.
Every month about 100 to 125 families fly out supported by the three branches in the UAE to Australia and Canada on a permanent residency basis.

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