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PERMUTATION, civil law. Exchange; barter.
     2. This contract is formed by the consent of the parties, but delivery is indispensable; for, without it, it mere agreement. Dig. 31, 77, 4; Code, 4, 64, 3.
     3. Permutation differs from sale in this, that in the former a delivery of the articles sold must be made, while in the latter it is unnecessary. It agrees with the contract of sale, however, in the following particulars: 1. That he to whom the delivery is made acquires the right or faculty of prescribing. Dig. 41, 3, 4, 17. 2. That the contracting parties are bound to guaranty to each other the title of the things delivered. Code, 4, 64, 1. 3. That they are bound to take back the things delivered, when they have latent defects which they have concealed. Dig. 21, 1, 63. See Aso & Man. Inst. B. 2, t. 16, c. 1; Nutation; Transfer.

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We now extend the notion of an affine permutation to infinite sequences.
If(K, *) is an idempotent quasigroup and the right nucleus of(Q, *) is a normal subgroup, then the orbits of the right-regular permutation group are normal subquasigroups ofthe kernel quasigroups ofthe extension.
Many permutation tests involve the reordering of a matrix such that both columns and rows are permuted similarly.
Generation of permutations by adjacent transposition.
3 The inversions of a 132-avoiding k-Stirling permutation [sigma] are arranged as the cells of a top-left justified Ferrers diagram.
If the letters of the L edge word read upwards 4321 (see Triangles above), the transposed letters of the R edge word conform to one of 5 permutations (the last letter being predetermined).
A permutation [sigma] of X is called a symmetry of X if
Recently, Smith [Smi13] obtained the first systematic results for several classes of intervals of indecomposable permutations, including those intervals [1,[pi]] where [pi] is any permutation with exactly one descent.
A table of their permutation and transmutation sets (collectively called their transposition sets) is shown below.
The genus of a permutation may be determined by counting back points as the following variant of [2, Lemma 5] shows.
Rowett has simultaneously been trying to find an emergency loan replacement, been considering permutations in his existing squad and also keeping his fingers crossed Davis could be available.