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A MAJOR policy of the Coalition Government was to "increase the Personal Allowance for income tax to help lower and middle income earners".
Trefor says: "Pensioners were not going to benefit much from the personal allowance increasing as the age allowance for over 65s of PS10,500 has been frozen for the last couple of years and was due to increase in line with the general increase to PS10,600, this will now go up a further PS200 to PS10,800 next year and PS11,000 the following year.
She plundered more than PS400 from the resident's personal allowance - used to buy items for their necessity and comfort - between December 2010 and April 2011, the Nursing and Midwifery Council found.
ONE in four women don't earn enough to benefit from the latest rise in the income tax personal allowance, according to a new study.
Working families will gain from the further increase in the personal allowance and savers will benefit from a cut in the starting rate of tax on savings and increases in ISA limits.
But Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls said: "The problem with the increase in the personal allowance to take people out of tax is it only applies to people on middle and upper incomes because most lower income people don't pay tax.
This is despite the increase in the Personal Allowance from pounds 6,475 to pounds 7,475.
The start of the new tax year on April 5 will see a rise in the personal allowance to Au7,475 for people aged under 65 who earn less than Au100,000, while there are also increases in personal allowances for people over 65.
The issue came to the fore when the civil servants union PASYDY reacted to government intentions to cut tax-free personal allowances of ministry permanent secretaries, arguing that this would mean a lower pension and bonus.
Rob Adams says: "Those over 75 have long benefited from higher personal allowances, and so the pounds 1,000 increase in general personal allowances the Chancellor has just announced does not seem to be of any particular help for this couple.
CROSS-BORDER shopping in countries with significant passenger travel flows into the European Union (EU) should increase through more liberal personal allowances for duty-free or -paid purchases.
VALE of Glamorgan councillors claimed nearly pounds 600,000 in personal allowances and other expenses in the last financial year, according to figures just released.

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