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While the two children - each under 10 years old - wore personal flotation devices, none of the adults had them, Lane County marine patrol deputy Paul Vitus said.
The approval is shown by a stencil marking or tag on the personal flotation device.
That all guides and their passengers wear personal flotation devices.
The guides and outfitters had no problem with the part of Senate Bill 579 that requires them to equip boats with a throw bag, and guides and passengers to wear personal flotation devices on sections of water with rapids ranked as Class III or higher.
This includes a range of craft to suit different needs such as sit on top kayaks, stand up paddle boards, personal flotation devices, helmets and paddles.
Eugene's daily newspaper wouldn't admit to discouraging the use of personal flotation devices (PFDs), appropriately also called life jackets, on the too-often fatal cold and fast rivers near Eugene.
For more than 45 years, Mustang Survival has manufactured inflatable personal flotation devices, flotation clothing, dry suits, anti-gravity suits and a wide range of extreme-environment protection products.
The flush deck features an oversize storage hatch at the bow for an anchor or personal flotation devices.
He alsodenies the personal flotation devices were insufficient, that he failed to provide adequate safety sweeps and that he failed to enforce or maintain safety boundaries.
Coast Guard-approved personal flotation devices when boating or riding personal watercraft.
The unit can be easily clipped onto a variety of inflatable personal flotation devices, Swift water vests, ice rescue or survival suits, life rafts and can be used for submarine rescue applications as it features a light that can be seen for more than 2.
He said he would like to see more people choose to wear personal flotation devices.

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