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The system will also allow teachers to set up a personal portal where teachers can gather materials and resources to support lessons and access them easily at school and at home.
Update portal is a customisable Enterprise or Personal portal that allows customer requests and interaction, while analysing their behaviour.
A branded StartPage [TM], or personal portal like MyYahoo, combines your content with the best the Web has to offer to keep members coming back.
com's service allows users to configure their own personal portal containing various WAP sites.
For example, rather than going to the company's HR home page, a manager looking to open a hiring requisition would navigate a set of links on his or her own personal portal that appears after signing onto the network.
Mimecast has also introduced file archiving and now provides users with the ability to search their archived documents from within Outlook, Mimecast Personal Portal (web), or iPad.
The two components to MemberCircle are a personal portal and an organizational portal.

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