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PRELATE. The name of an ecclesiastical officer. There are two orders of prelates; the first is composed of bishops, and the second, of abbots, generals of orders, deans, &c.

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10) <<Apart from creating a sui iuris particular Church, which may not have met the aspirations of Anglicans petitioning to enter into Communion with the Catholic Church, the ecclesial association of the faithful which might have fitted the requirements both of the petitioners and of the Catholic Church is that of a Personal Prelature (.
Only time will tell whether they will indeed be granted this privileged status in the Church, which at this point only belongs to Opus Dei, whose nature and purpose fit comfortably within the genus of the personal prelature.
In 1982, Pope John Paul II gave the group the unique status of a personal prelature, meaning that it was above Catholic law and reported directly to the pope.
With the transformation of Opus Dei into a Personal Prelature these vows have been replaced by a binding contract that is entered into with the Prelature.
We concede that the Venerable Servant of God Bishop Alvaro del Portillo y Diez de Sollano, Prelate of the Personal Prelature of the Holy Cross and Opus Dei, a pastor according to the heart of Christ and a zealous minister of the Church, from this hour may be called Blessed," Cardinal Amato read in Latin from the beatification rite.
Currently, the lone personal prelature in the church is Opus Dei.
The rule is analysed both logically and teleologically, that is, it wishes to avoid any legal positivism and therefore any abstract consideration of the letter of the law as such; and instead proposes considering the latter in the light of the specific aims for which the legislator intended the institution of the personal prelature.
It is a personal Prelature and, canonically, therefore not an association of laity though it was founded to serve them.
Opus Dei is a Rome-based personal prelature of the Catholic Church, founded in Madrid on October 2, 1928, by Blessed Josemaria Escriva.
This is a strategy whose failure has been demonstrated in past centuries and that, at best, might lead to the founding of a "uniate" Anglican "minichurch" in the form of a personal prelature, not a territorial diocese.

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