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Though previous studies on human subjects never revealed an association between the amygdala and personal space, the researchers knew from their knowledge of the lieterature that monkeys with amygdala lesions preferred to stay in closer proximity to other monkeys and humans than did healthy monkeys.
The Eos suite offers the most personal space of any commercial airline, providing an exceptional experience for every guest who travels with us.
We listened to what our customers said was important when we developed this service, and we are proud to deliver this improved World Business Class product with its significant increases in personal space and sleeping comfort," said Philip Haan, Northwest executive vice president-international, sales and information services.
In fact, nearly three out of four Americans believe that having enough personal space is important, according to the Embassy Suites Hotels(R) Space Survey, ((C)2000, HHI) a recently commissioned survey of more than 300 frequent travelers.
Eos' dedication to personal service and its specially configured 757's, redesigned to carry 48 guests in suites with horizontal beds and 21 square feet of personal space, has earned the loyalty of a growing segment of trans-Atlantic travelers.
Summit Bank customers can set up a secure personal space and are able to customize that space based on individual needs.
He took exception to Avalanche forward Dan Hinote invading Felix Potvin's personal space and set Hinote straight with a few pointed jabs.
com), a premiere destination for casual games players to create a personal space to write reviews, share favorite games with friends, and earn cash rewards.
Many of the pieces featured will bring to light important social issues -- redefining notions of personal space, networked environments, and issues of privacy and protection.
It's as if he thinks Shaquille's personal space is his to share, too.
We hope this house is not just a statement of our own personal space, but is also an example for others so that everyone can learn the benefits of eliminating toxins from their homes, conserving energy and giving the world some much-needed support on environmental cleanliness and sustainability," said Sharkey.