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Will the personal space given to an individual differ as a function of that person's disability status (i.
Territoriality is an extension of personal space that must be understood as well.
Memory-life's personal spaces are totally confidential and will not be published.
The body image came from the idea of the body being your most immediate home and personal space and this idea of comfort and being comfortable with yourself,'' said Beccy.
Desks are assigned daily instead of permanently, lockers replace personal space and within the year, all employees will be linked by an external fiber optic phone system.
For Americans, they typically are: public space (ranges from 12 to 25 feet), social space (ranges from 4 to 10 feet), personal space (ranges from 2 to 4 feet), and intimate space (ranges out to one foot).
Passengers flying with PAL can look forward to the new levels of comfort offered by the aircraft, with a wider and quieter cabin, and more personal space for all.
Tinitignan natin siya, pinanonood natin siya, pero hindi pa nagbabago 'yung stand ng Comelec from 2013 na ang social media accounts ng tao ay personal space niya 'yun, Jimenez told reporters in a press briefing.
It marks the third single from the duo's upcoming debut album, Personal Space, due to release in the beginning of 2015.
London, Apr 13 ( ANI ): Jennifer Aniston and her boyfriend Justin Theroux, who are planning to move into their new mansion later this year, are going to have their own separate rooms for personal space.
According to the airline, the relaunched lounge, ANA SUITE LOUNGE, will provide users with additional personal space following requests from customers.
In the office, high-rise or not, there is little sense of personal space beyond the workstation, whereas the dwelling is entirely about individual identity.